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  1. Parkinson’s Health Fair Offers Insights and Assistance to the Community

    Midwestern University faculty, students provide interdisciplinary health fair at the Multispecialty Clinic

    • Downers Grove Clinic
  2. Tick-borne Disease Prevention

    There are at least 15 types of ticks found in Illinois alone, and with summer fast approaching, learning to keep them away can help keep you safe from many diseases, including Lyme disease.

    • Downers Grove Clinic
    Illinois Nature Trail with pathway trailing off into the distance
  3. Midwestern University Researchers Earn Significant Grants to Support Projects

    Faculty researchers work with Midwestern students on important projects

    Kristina Martinez-Guryn, Ph.D., RD, Adebayo James Molehin, Ph.D., M.S., and Gwendolyn Pais, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor in white coats.
  4. CCOM Students Lobby Legislators, Staff about Healthcare Reform, Student Loans

    31 medical students traveled to Washington D.C. for DO Day on Capitol Hill

    CCOM stand outside Capitol Hill
  5. Glendale Campus Provides Free Dental Services for 250 Veterans

    250 military veterans receive free dental services on Glendale's campus

    Dental Medicine
    • Glendale Clinic
    Midwestern Staff and Faculty Military Veterans who work at thse Dental Institute, from left to right: Don Touvell, Dental Lab Coordinator; Wes Reynolds, Dental Lab Manager; Melanie Bauer, D.M.D., Asistant Professor; Ashley Madern, D.M.D., Assistant Professor; Larry Johns, D.D.S., M.S.D., Assistant Professor
  6. Speech-Language Pathology Students Foster Literacy Program in the Community

    Ongoing Family Literacy Night program features English and Spanish reading activities for children

    SLP students with Dr. Fissel during the Family Literacy night carrying visual aids to help children read.
  7. Family Literacy Night Program Returns to Glendale Libraries

    Midwestern University’s Speech-Language Pathology Program is pleased to announce the return of its Family Literacy Night events, in partnership with the Glendale Library.

    Speech-Language Pathology
    • Glendale Clinic
    Mom reading to her child as he sits in her lap
  8. Midwestern University Dental Institute Hosts Free Dental Day for Kids

    The Midwestern University Dental Institute in AZ provided around 132 children free dental services as part of the Give Kids a Smile community service event.

    Dental Medicine
    • Glendale Clinic
    Two students from the College of Dental Medicine-Arizona pose with blue and yellow balloons.
  9. Linda Sangalli, D.D.S., Joins Midwestern University

    Midwestern University Dental Institute is pleased to announce the addition of Linda Sangalli, D.D.S., Orthodontic and Orofacial Pain Specialist

    Dental Medicine
    • Downers Grove Clinic
    Dr. Linda Sangalli's protrait
  10. February Marks Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a progressive eye condition affecting the macula, the central part of the retina responsible for sharp vision.

    Doctor explaining to his patient how AMD effects an eye
  11. Midwestern University Partners with Abrazo for Family Medicine Clinic in Central Phoenix

    Midwestern University hopes to foster better health in the valley at the Family Medicine Clinic with Abrazo.

    Midwestern Care Clinic with child being cared for
  12. The Midwestern University Physical Therapy Institute welcomes Stacey Lane, PT, D.P.T.

    Dr. Stacey Lane is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Instructor at the Midwestern University Physical Therapy Institute.

    Physical Therapy
    • Downers Grove Clinic
    Headshot of Dr. Stacey Lane
  13. Physical Therapy Institutes Assist Patients with Rotator Cuff Issues

    Patients suffering from pain associated with rotator cuff tears can receive movement therapy and other treatment.

    Doctor demonstrates shoulder exercises to woman.
  14. Midwestern University Community Event Provides Insights on Aphasia and Stroke

    Students and community members shared experiences on aphasia and aftereffects of strokes.

    • Downers Grove Clinic
    Ms. Ball and students gather at the CHS Stroke and Aphasia Event
  15. The Family Medicine Clinic welcomes their new Physician Assistant, Rita Sinclair

    Welcome, Rita Sinclair, PA-C.

    Family Medicine
    • Downers Grove Clinic