Low Vision & Visual Rehabilitation Services

Low Vision or Vision Rehabilitation services can help you if you are experiencing vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

patient using low vision tools

How We Can Help

Many patients who have been deemed “blind” have remaining sight and low vision services that help patients maximize that sight for optimal function. In our clinic, you may be prescribed glasses with special lenses or tints, magnifiers, telescopes, or other devices to help improve vision function for reading, watching television, driving and other daily tasks. 

Vision Rehabilitation helps to maximize the remaining vision of people who have permanent impairments and improve functional vision for reading, watching television, driving, and other daily tasks. Our doctors who specialize in low vision can also assist with examinations to help you determine if you meet the standards set for “legal blindness.”

What to Expect

If you are scheduled in our Low Vision or Vision Rehabilitation clinic, you should anticipate a lengthy initial visit in as the team of Midwestern University students and doctor assess the health of your eye, discuss goals for tasks to improve, and assess visual function with tests that are not typically part of a routine eye exam. The doctor will discuss with you options for treatment. If a treatment device is selected, additional appointments for training may be necessary to ensure the treatment is optimal. In most instances, the evaluation will be billed to your medical insurance rather than to vision insurance.

Contact Information

For a Vision Rehabilitation evaluation, please contact 623-537-6000, option 2.

Contact and Additional Information

If you have questions or wish to set up a Vision Rehabilitation evaluation, please contact our Eye Institute.